The Best Educational  Apps

As always,  I’m adding to my “best” list of educational resources and apps. I have more “best” lists then anyone I know, but this is one of my favorites.

This is a great list of the best educational websites and programs, software, tools and strategies: anything educational that has to do with the web that makes learning fun and powerful.

I posted the revised edition of Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy of thinking skills poster.  This update included apps and online resources listed for each thinking skills  level. That was amazing! I’ll repost if I can. Add your own favorites here to be posted later.

Thank you! Diana


Tile Installation Consumer Help Blog | Making a Difference

A Helping Hand

Society is far too focused on what they can take, instead of what they can give back. Times are hard for so many, and yet it is those small blessing, such as a roof over head or a full stomach, that are all too often over looked. Instead of demanding more, we must step back and take a look at what we do have. Having a truly thankful outlook changes our entire perspective on life.

Making a difference to others is one of lifes greatest blessings. Doing the right thing, however hard or unnoticed, may not reap instantaneous rewards; but in the end, helping others is a reward in itself. Individuals and local businesses giving back to the community sets the foundation for paying it forward. Companies that exemplify ethical business practices play an essential role in offering a hand to those who can not help themselves.

Ask Tile Excellence is one of those quintessential companies that recognizes the importance of making a difference in the lives of others. Their decision to exemplify ethical business practices, while being a quality business. sets a standard for how good businesses should work. Not only does Ask Tile Excellence demand quality from themselves, their goal is to help others excel in their own lives. Http:// is a site specifically set up to assist those do it yourselfers out there succeed in their home improvement endeavors. This site allows individuals to ask for advice, read great informational blogs, and really get the wheels to turning for that next home project. Tile Excellence truly wants to help others succeed in whatever job that is taken on, and Chris and the crew have the knowledge, experience, and understanding to help get it done! Their commitment to excellence and willingness to help extends far past the confines of their personal business, they desire for others to also experience success in their projects! Quality advice, real experience, and willingness to answer questions; can help.

Companies, good businesses, and good businesses giving back to the surrounding community are often hard to find. But, if one person or corporation pays it forward, maybe just maybe, it will encourage others to follow their lead by doing the right thing.

Quality businesses are far and few in between, and too hard to find in this day and age. Those companies and individuals who are paying it forward and helping others, create a standard of excellence that should be reflected by other quality businesses. Local businesses giving back to the community who support them is a inspirational principal that will hopefully encourage other individuals and companies to count their blessings, be thankful for all they have been given, and to be willing to lend a helping hand to those who are struggling.
Look at their new site: